The toughest workout plan in the world!

BestFit Trainingskonzept - Das optimale Training

Training with BestFit

The optimal training with BestFit.

BestFit creates a personalized training plan based on your needs. It takes into account:

  • Your training level.
  • How often you want to train per week.
  • What goal you’re targeting.
  • Which muscle groups you want to train.
  • How long each training session should last.

Your plan adapts to you and evolves with you.

The Split

Depending on your settings, you may be given a split workout plan. The split divides the various muscle groups into several training units. A split occurs when you train more often a week. Among other things, splitting up the muscle groups is useful for maintaining regeneration times. (#4 Super Compensation) All you have to do is stick to the given order so that the breaks are followed. (#4 super compensation)

Prepare yourself well!

You should get your cardiovascular system going before each workout. This works best with a cardio machine. We recommend a full body machine such as a crosstrainer, treadmill or rowing machine.

The Plan

Out of 21 different training methods we select the best ones for you. Before your training starts, we will describe the method selected for you. After you have decided on a training session to start with, you will see all exercises in an overview. Here you have the possibility to exchange exercises if they are not possible in your gym or if you would rather have another exercise.

You always start your training session with the first exercise (the top one). A warm-up set should now be carried out on the device. The weight is moderate. This increases blood circulation in the muscles. The risk of injury is also minimized.

Your limit is the barrier

The exercise video shows you exactly what to do and the text description explains what to look out for. The training method determines your training. For example, one of our hardest methods is „reduction 5“. You train to your limit in the first set, then you reduce the weight and train again to your limit. Repeat this until 5 training sets are reached. After that, you’ll be flooded with happiness hormones.

Your Development!

After you have completed all exercises, your input will be included in the statistics. You will find statistics in the exercise details for each exercise you currently have in your plan. There are also statistics about your overall training success. This means that you can always see your progress and the achievements you have already reached.

You’re ready!

Train hard and push your limits!

We wish you lots of fun.

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