Maximal strength - What you need to open the jar

Maximalkraft steigern


Maximal strength is the greatest possible force that can be applied by the muscles against resistance (e.g. weight).

Test procedure

The maximal strength can be determined by the 1 repetition maximum test (1 MR). Caution, this test requires moving heavy weights relative to performance level, increasing the risk of injuries. In addition, a partner is always required for this test.

Not everyone can and should do this test. That’s why sports scientists like Adams and Brown have developed formulas with which you can conclude from 10 to 1 repetition. The source is below the text.


Knowing what your 1 RM is has some advantages for your training. The stress intensity for most training goals is given as a percentage of 1 RM. So you can calculate exactly what weight you should use for the exercises. Of course you get better and better during your training and therefore your 1 RM also increases. You should check this from time to time.


A high maximal strength is achieved when the potential of the muscles is used to the maximum. The untrained person can use up to 80% of the potential of his muscles. A competitive athlete manages to use up to 95% of his musculature’s potential. Maximal strength training enhances the nervous system in the muscle. It’s also called improving intramuscular coordination. This also creates the concept of IC training for maximal strength training.

Training example

In order to improve intramuscular coordination, training in the intensity range of 80% to 95% of the 1 RM is required. 1 to 5 repetitions are performed.

If you still have questions, write them in the comments. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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Mayhew, J., Kerksick, C., Lentz, D., Ware, J., & Mayhew, D. (2004). Using Repetitions to Fatigue to Predict One-Repetition Maximum Bench Press in Male High School Athletes. Pediatric exercise science, 16(3), 265 – 276.


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