Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can exchange exercises as often as you want.
No, at the moment the exercise is only postponed until the next training plan.
Yes, an already exchanged exercise can be exchanged back again, but only after all other possible exercises have been exchanged once. This can take some time, so take a closer look at the exercises. You have a video, description, necessary aids, muscle involvement and we only suggest exercises that suit you.
The problem should disappear when you log out and log back into your account. Just open the settings and the last tab is „Logout“. Then log back into your account as usual and the problem should be solved.
Under Settings and then „Missing tools“ you can mark tools as available again.
Yes/No, the algorithm selects a possible, suitable training method for you. Nevertheless, you can always create a new plan if you don’t like the current method and want another one
No, we have already thought about such a feature, but the whole thing is not so easy for us. Our exercise pool currently consists of more than 400 exercises and each exercise is integrated down to the smallest detail.
You are very welcome to send us a list of exercises you would like to train in the app. (the integration may take some time)
The statistics show your strength development, divided into the individual muscle groups. It shows the percentage change to your weakest performance. If you see a transparent line, it represents the highest strength development you have ever achieved.
By clicking on each muscle group you can see the time course and all exercises you have already trained for that muscle group.
The statistics for each exercise will show you the time course of your performance.
We work according to the super compensation model.
The split is designed accordingly so that the muscle stimulus is set at the optimal time.
The split depends strongly on the number of training sessions per week. If you train more often per week, it is very likely that the split will increase. This avoids overtraining.
Under „Plan overview“ you can see all your units, where one should be trained per training day. We give you the order, which also serves to avoid overtrainin
We have integrated a feature that allows us to suggest a training weight for your very first training session without a time-consuming evaluation test.
If you do as many repetitions as possible and enter them into the app, we will automatically adjust the weight for the following set so that you always train in the optimal repetition range.
In the settings under „Weight gradation“ you can set the gradation for weight plates, dumbbell, device and cable pull.
If the suggested weight is still not adjustable, try to get as close as possible to the weight setting. At the latest at 1 to 2 repetitions above the preset repetition range, you should increase the weight to the next higher possibility. This way you guarantee an optimal training stimulus.
Your training results will be saved by us after each workout and displayed in the overview statistics. The statistics for the individual exercises are displayed as soon as you have the respective exercise back in your training plan.
No, your muscles get used to a training stimulus and should experience a new stimulus regularly so that stagnation can be prevented. In our blog we have a lot of information about training, including the training stimulus.
We follow the principle of local warming. This means that you do a warm-up set for each muscle group during the first exercise. This activates your metabolism, promotes blood circulation, improves the interaction with the nerves, increases the reaction speed, joints become more elastic, cartilage can adjust to the load and the warm-up set brings your muscles to be trained to the optimum operating temperature.
We do not exclude a general warm-up, e.g. running, cycling or crosstrainer.
Yes/No, the training is designed for the gym and is based on all typical studio equipment. You can use the app at home and replace in your training plan all exercises whose utensils you do not have available. Unfortunately, this can lead to the fact that we will not be able to suggest you any more exercises at some point. It is already planned to integrate further exercises at home, so that a solid home training is also possible.
The plan overview shows you the training weeks, days and units. You can choose how often you want to train per week. When you want to train is entirely up to you. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the order we give you. In the details of the individual exercises you can see when you last trained this exercise.
During training, your central nervous system and muscles adapt. After 4 weeks a new training stimulus should be set by new exercises, so that always the optimal adjustment is guaranteed. Especially the central nervous system benefits from a change of exercise. This is responsible for a clean execution and the perfect control of the muscles. This also prevents stagnation of the performance level.
The Exercise Timer is used to assist during the exercise so that the correct and clean execution can be maintained, e.g. cadence and isometric. All other methods do not require an explicit timer.
No, it is intended that only one goal can be selected per training plan. You can find more information in our blog:
or here: (minute 10:25)
We will be happy to help you learn more. Have a look at our blog at → Blog 😉
We always want to record the weight which is put on or put on the machine. For example this means with supporting climbing you log your put in counterweight. We automatically subtract this weight from your body weight and save the result.